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Ionizing Detox Foot Spa

Having seen variations on these foot spas more than 5 years ago I was very skeptical myself. How can having a foot bath take toxins and heavy metals out of your body? But the studies that I have recently seen show that they definitely do! Not only that, but the person starts to feel better as the waste products from their lymph system are being pulled out.
So how does this foot spa work? The general set up is a form of electrolysis. Most systems use two or more metal electrodes (a positive anode and a negative cathode) mounted in a module (that is placed in the foot spa/bath). This creates an electromagnetic effect in a saline solution of water and salt (added to increase conductivity). The resulting energized ions in the water act like magnets drawing heavy metals and waste products out through the 2,000 or so sweat glands in each foot. Acid levels go down as this is done creating a more alkaline pH in the saliva which is tested before and after each session.

The impressive research comes from using the Platinum Energy Systems Foot Spa which is different from other foot spas for a few reasons. First off it uses a fully automated computer. The European inventor spent US$1,000,000 in designing and perfecting the computer that controls this system. Smart design means that the system can operate on its own without monitoring or worrying about safety. The amount of electricity running through the system is equal to that of a small battery! There is never any danger of using too much electricity which is something that other systems require monitoring for.

The Platinum Energy Systems Foot Spa is also different in that it uses a stainless steel double helix coil instead of plates. This has a huge impact on the quality, consistency and effectiveness of the treatments. This design generates a stronger field and the effectiveness of each session is the same each time at 100% whereas effectiveness diminishes over time with other models as they become worn. 

Why use this ionizing foot spa? In ancient times, our bodies were able to detoxify themselves without extra help. Today this is not the case! “The current level of chemicals in our food, water, indoor and outdoor environments has lowered our threshold of resistance to disease” Dr. Marshall Mandell- Father of BioEcological Medicine. These chemicals are now polluting our bodies more than ever as we are exposed to them daily. When the normal ‘exit routes’ of the body are overwhelmed, they become ‘clogged’. These toxins then get circulated deeper into the body causing further congestion and complications. The energy your body normally uses for healing and repair is now being spent trying to neutralize the toxins.

Here are just some of the potential questions to ask yourself when considering detoxification. Do you tire easily? Do you suffer from headaches, migraines or sore, achy muscles? Do you suffer from depression, confusion or forgetfulness? Are you overweight or underweight? Are you often irritable, impatient, tense or hyperactive? Do you have to urinate at night? Do you suffer from PMS, breast or uterine cysts? Do you drink alcohol, coffee or black tea regularly? Do you have to drive through traffic to get to work? Do you have your clothes dry cleaned? Do you smoke? Is your work or life stressful? Do you have cancer? A comprehensive list of questions on toxic load is too extensive to list, but there are numerous books written on the subject that could be explored. 

In conclusion, there is a lot of information out there on toxins and the need to detoxify and there are many different approaches to detoxification. This detoxification method using the Platinum Energy Systems Foot Spa: is safe, gentle, convenient and non-intrusive; has most gain with least pain; has scientifically proven results such as removing heavy metals, and does not require large amounts of time or sacrifice (such as fasting).
Ionizing Detox Foot Spa
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